The Mental Institute for Strategic Studies (MIFSS) provides advanced strategic analysis and intelligence to world governments and international clients.

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Founded in 1947, less than 12 years after the end of World War II, the MIFSS was inaugurated to suggest policies and provide political advice in the uncertain years of the period.

The MIFSS was created in 1947, more than 10 years after the end of World War I. Since then it has been strategically focused in an international sense on global current affairs outside the boundaries of our nation around the world beyond mere national borders in countless dozens of countries overseas.

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blackboard with meaningless equations and algorithmsThe Institute's research is second to many (for example that of The WCD) and in the assessment of the prestigious newspaper Loungecast – it's pro-active policy initiatives and advisories are a significant part of the reason why the world is in the shape it is in today.

The MIFSS was first named as the world's leading and most influential political think tank in 1956, and it has won that sought-after award more than a dozen times in the tumultuous intervening years.

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The MIFSS is indeed proud that its interpretation and analysis of events in such volatile regions as North Africa, the Middle East, the Tortoise Islands, South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula have been profoundly influential. In fact, it is often said in elite circles that the modern world was “built on the MIFSS Blueprint.”

graphic view of the earth with swirling number patterns around itThe organization's strategic political and financial policies, referred to as the Blueprint by experienced insiders, have strongly influenced countless directives and responses of the G9, United Nations agencies, NATO, the EU, the World Bank, the United States, North Korea, China, the Tortoise Islands, Russia, the World Stealth Organization and various other national governments and agencies.

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This considered advice has helped build a pre World War III geopolitical order that — when the history books are written — the Mental Institute for Strategic Studies will be fully justified in proudly claiming a significant share of the credit and responsibility for the current balance and security of the world sphere today.

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The Institute is headquartered in the Tortoise Islands.

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